my calling is simple:


To work closely with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to create incredible brands. I believe intentional human-centered design drives value and promotes experiences that inspire, challenge and leave the world a better place.


Your brand is the foundation of your business.

Let me help you unlock the potential in your brand and attract the right audience so you can present a consistent story at all touch points.

As a creative consultancy, my process begins with a series of questions and a bit of soul searching. Through blending the worlds of user-centric design, business and visual communication, we will transform the way you serve your clients. 

To succeed in today's marketplace, you can't do it alone.

Working with me means you have a trusted partner-in-crime who can help you hone your vision by implementing innovative ideas which create or improve high converting content. If you're ready to take a good, hard look at the areas creating friction and tasks making you want to die inside, schedule a qualitative consultation below. From there, we'll collaborate on a plan to strategize better ways for your brand to grow with agility and make an impact that matters. 



Who I am


Natalie is driven to bring passion, enthusiasm and substance into everything she does. Her expertise lays out a proven track record across a diverse set of experiences for creating, delivering and executing through thoughtful leadership and collaboration. She is a voracious problem solver who moves to equip others with her engaging dynamic leadership. Few can translate vision into reality like Natalie.

Her pursuit of excellence is continual. Peers and colleagues regard her as a tenacious and intuitive creative who thrives in environments focused on coming alongside people and organizations for mutual success and outcomes. She is constantly architecting new and innovative ways to improve anything and everything around her, possessing a keen ability to see all things as possible and willing to cultivate a new path. If you wanted to make Natalie die inside, you’d put her in a cubicle forced to do something ‘because this is the way we’ve always done it.’ 

Holding an accredited degree of Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Natalie went on bringing ideas to life across a diverse field of disciplines. Her background encompasses: Interior and furniture design; Snowsports education and coaching; Founding and teaching in a private elementary school; Engaging visual presentations for established firms; Founding and sitting on the boards of a number of non-profits; Helping startups create a visual identity and marketing materials; Strategic visual overhauls of forward-facing customer experiences and business growth plans for established companies; Designing and editing a quarterly magazine with a distribution of over 5000 units; and small business entrepreneurship running a professional photography and a branding design studio.

Natalie and her husband, Matthew, along with their three daughters, relocated from urban Seattle to small town Sisters, Oregon in early 2016 and are overjoyed to find lots of sunshine, more great coffee, and an endless wilderness made for adventuring. When not on skis or her bike, you can find her investing in her family, hunting down the best all-you-can-eat sushi, or learning the pseudoscience of fly fishing.