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I love creating something beautiful and igniting those 'ah-ha!' moments that come from making big changes through design. But the ultimate goal is to build something bigger, deeper and more meaningful than any business transaction. I work extra hard to build lasting relationships - the kind where everyone wins. Let’s make things better together.


Brand Consultancy

$2800 (monthly)

Your brand is like your house. An ill-designed or messy home leads to frustration and isn't a place people want to be. A haven, on the other hand, is home turned into a sanctuary. I've seen the impact visual design can have when weak branding get in the way of reaching the right audiences. I've also seen doors open and opportunities flood in when focus, vision and visual communication is purposefully created. For most who start a business, design and branding is not intuitive– it can be overwhelming to even know where to begin. That is why I like to work so intimately over a longer period of time. No fluff, no pretense. Just real, rubber-meets-the-road partnership to elevate your brand and unlock the potential within.  


A Day With Natalie


Work closely with me on a focused project. What can we accomplish in one day? A lot. Utilizing what you already have as a starting point to re-work, revamp, touch up, polish and create consistency so your design and content shines. A day is perfect to audit how your brand communicates to ensure they play nicely together. Note: book 3 or more consecutive days at a 15% discount.


Virtual Coffee Date



Start here to chat about what I can do for you. Let's grab coffee! This 30 minute video conference is the foundation to figuring out your needs and assessing the scope of a project. If you're a new client wondering if I might be the right fit for you, let's identify your needs and I'll deliver you a full proposal.

90 Minute Makeover



These sessions are crazy beneficial to help modify a specific sticking point and empower you to take the next steps. This can mean quick changes to your business. It's like having a trusted advisor and editor in your back pocket. We work by collaborating together over video to accomplish ONE smallish thing.



I love design




Complete Branding Identity


The right branding design is an audience magnet. The right brand aesthetic excites your audience. It's is more than just a logo. It’s about telling your unique story, earning trust and building a lasting relationship. Creation is digging deep, visualizing your brand's personality, and developing a solid visual foundation from concept to execution to get your business the attention it deserves.

Brand Guidelines


Every business must have go-to guidelines for the brand’s visual communication, audience and aesthetic. Take the guesswork out of how you look when creating your own content with clear brand standards. Work with me to identify your brand’s style, voice and audience - then I will create a quick-start guide to keep you on-point. Everything you need to get your brand consistent!




Expand what's possible. Our end goal is always the best version of your story so users quickly understand who you are and what you do. Not to mention a beautiful, attention-grabbing visual impact. An evaluative critical analysis will gain you a results-oriented plan which maximize the returns on your branding investment. Get armed with exactly what changes you can make NOW.

Website DESIGN


Your new home on the web plus all the training on how to DIY after creation. A successful website is a must to increase visibility. All graphics and visuals will be optimized by UI/UX standards and to visually communicate in tandem with written content to give you the consistent aesthetic impact you need. (Up to 8 individual web pages are included, additional pages are $350ea).



$ by project

When I work with your brand, I become obsessed with telling your story. Great visual design evokes an emotional response. It has the power to move us, shape us, and bring about actions. Any size project, from postcards to large-scale campaigns, begin with an enticing tale and are crafted with artistic integrity, sweat equity, and lots and lots of coffee.

Social Media Curation

$745.00 (monthly)

Let me bolster your socials by designing on-point beautiful imagery and graphics fine-tuned to your brand and offerings. I'll rock it behind the scenes and arm you each month with 15 completely custom posts optimized for social channels of your choice. Not only that, but we will put some elbow grease in ahead of time to arm you with a plan of attack and the right focus. 3 Month minimum required.